Saturday, July 21, 2018

I am connected to South Africa now.

At approximately 9:40 today, after I got back from the Laundry Shop, a guy with a sports car passing by yelled "Suning" to me.

Damn, so people know me now, in SA.

I am connected to SA now. Similar feeling I had with NZ however, still far from it.

Friday, July 20, 2018

It's a pretty good day.

Today is Friday.

My doctor confirmed that I do not have bladder infection which was a relief, considering I'm a hypochondriac.

Yis and Jason approached me randomly today while I was listening to sad music alone on the grass, what a friendship. "Are you my friend?" 😂

Jess seems to feel pretty comfortable with me being the director. Jeez, what's happening to Mbu?

I really like Jessica's script because it talks about loss and grief just like The Garden, in a different way.

It can be a very moving piece, if I can pull of the same emotional weight that I did with The Garden.

Jeez, I'm getting free directing all the time!! If I got finally titled as the director of The Yard, it would be such an insidious win!

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Film is Done - 7 Years 6 Months and 9 Days into the Self Realization Journey

At 10:20 today, I am relieved.

At 12:40 today, the film is live on YouTube.

At 12:43 today, the film is announced on Facebook to my friends.

The journey is finally and irreversibly completed.

Today is July 9th, Monday, two weeks' unnecessary anxiety finally came to an end.

Melissa has been a helper in this.

How many people will watch this on YouTube doesn't even matter to me anymore.

I must change myself to not being traumatized by this sort of thing.

Where do I go from here? I guess: finish this year.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

It's a lovely night.

Tonight is a lovely night.

Because tonight Melissa texted me saying he was thinking about the copy of my film. So that made me feel relieved. She also said she is fully recovered from her recurring sickness. And she is so insanely excited about new term. I was so funny to hear that from her. God I loved it when she is happy and joyful. In essence, it was a very joyful conversation back-and-forth within one hour just before I eat at Simply Asia. :) I think next time I just need to tap into her most eager time of WhatsApping.

Tonight is a lovely night.

Because even thou my parents call went off topic. That fucking bathtub made me feel guilt again, even after 30. But I gradually felt better as evening falls. Ambition thou, the closest word I could find to the Chinese word "抱负", rang a bell to my heart today.

Tonight is a lovely night.

Because a very young cute white girl served my dinner. But she was ordinary thou, and I don't go for ordinary girls.

Texted David on his white shoes for filming next week which was quite calm.

Tonight is a lovely night.

Because yesterday we finished an awesome day of rehearsing and storyboarding at 15:37 with Jason smiley face walking outta the door.

Tonight is a lovely night.

Because all the Uber drivers were pretty calm.

Tonight is a lovely night.

As I am writing this passage right now, I feel peaceful. Melissa's message made me realize that nothing can't be overcome by my awesome extraordinariness since pointed out by Sundance almost 5 years ago. I now have absolute confidence that my year will end peacefully and beautifully.