Sunday, June 24, 2018

I am 30 now.

So I just had my 30th birthday. Alone. By myself. Again. Typical.

But this time I don't feel that lonely anymore.

Maybe something in me has changed.

I just changed my 8-year-old Facebook profile picture. That was epic!! But even that, still no one notices it. I guess whatever I do from now on no one would notice me about anything.

There is not much to say. Really. Today is also quite normal. I write. I text. I watch. I masturbate. I sleep. And I wait.

I've been waiting all my life. And I've been searching all my life as well.

Dylan was right. I have this conflicting thing in me: I worry about what other people would think of me but I also want to do things my own way.

What a conundrum.

Now the most important thing: I thought I would achieve enlightenment when I reach thirty just like Buddha did.

But I didn't.

You didn't put into any hard work you lazy bastard!!

I guess I didn't have to care about these thoughts anymore.

I am me.

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