Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Even Sundance

Even Sundance doesn't care to reply my messages anymore.

She must think i am so needy, and the first thing I talked to her about after 10 months was moaning and whining.

No one cares about me anymore, I have no reason to live.

Everyone thinks i am pathetic that waits for people's sympathy.

Everyday i am at AFDA i sit there in the corner watching people being happy and talking and I myself listening to those sad music...

I dont even want to use the word humiliation anymore to describe what happens today at the Picture Lock viewing.

No one agrees with me on the energy shield, not even the teachers.

The opening of this term was disastrous. Even thou i thought i could relax for not making films for a term. I guess for the next 6 months while i am at AFDA it ll just be suffering.

God Sundance, how can this be, she s my best friend. Whats wrong with that message i sent?

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