Friday, April 6, 2018

I Found A Girl.

I met a girl today.

She is so sweet and innocent. She wears this green t-shirt with cartoon characters on it and casual jeans and canvas shoes. A typical youth, I like that. The restaurant I and David went to was called Something Good.

Something Wonderful came out of it.

I can feel she is emotional. I can tell she could be as weired as me. I can tell she is creative.

She has blue eyes that looks kind and sweet. Wonderful eyes.

Will she be the girl I m looking for? I don't know.

I like her.

This is the first girl that I ever asked out with since I came to South Africa more than two years ago.

She said she was at the third year of study in NMMU, which works pretty well with me. Because I don't want to date someone who is too young.

The unexpected thing was she didn't reject me!

I like her.

This is 7 Years 3 Months and 6 Days into the Spiritual Enlightenment Journey.

I like her.

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