Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Ansie left

So today my landlady Ansie, officially moved to a rest house with all her elderly friends.

It was good for her.

So tonight I am all alone. I dont mind being a lone. I am alone anyway.

Those young people are having a party right next door. This loneliness makes me feel special I guess.

Those fucking freaks have party almost every day. No twice a week I guess.

Filming is going steady. I discovered a nice shot today with David. which is great. David is a good guy to work with, even thou his mind is full of interesting ideas, he would always respect my original idea in the end.

Johnny is still nowhere to be found. I guess the next time we see him would be the day we film.

I dont even know if he was really involved in a car accident. I still dont think he s lying thou.

I should thank Ansie for thinking about letting me stay until the end of the year.

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