Sunday, December 3, 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017

6 Years 11 Months and 2 Days into the Self Realization Journey - Back to China again

I m going back to China soon. And what have I accomplished this year so far?

Nothing. Much. I am still dependent on my parents.


There is so much I need to learn about filmmaking but somehow I almost learned nothing.

I spent most of my time on the computer just watching youtube videos or AOE 2.

Even thou most of the videos i watch are about philosophy and science. I cannot discern the notion that it is no different than a bored-to-hell lazy guy that watches funny videos and drinks coco-cola.

Like my filmmaker friend Zhuang in China, i have got so much awesome resources in the west, but I utilized nothing in terms of contributing to my professional career.

What a waste.

And that film i made was such a fuck up. An pathetic conclusion to my second year in AFDA.

What you gonna do in China? Messing around with your old friends and just go to caf├ęs and sit there listening to your crappy music? Like you always do?!

That fucking best friend my mine, Zhuang. He has probably made a feature film by now.

Are you gonna run to your mommy and daddy? Fuck you are almost 30 now.

You are a burden to Sundance.

At least the airport will give me comfort.