Thursday, August 3, 2017

6 Years 7 Months and 3 Days into the Self Realization Journey----Life is beautiful

I had a awesome day today.

Cure said she is happy to work with me as a director. That i was willing to put into effort for the production. And the whole class was resonating with what Cure said that "this is going to be Suning's first written and directed film in AFDA!" Everybody applauded, I was so touched, I cant describe the emotion i felt at that time. I think I received a lot of sympathy at that time from everyone. Maybe "sympathy" is not the word, but i didn't know what everyone else was thinking, maybe they are keen to watch my film? After two years of absence?

They definitely want to see a film that is written and directed by Suning Chen.

I had a good working relationship with Cure. It feels so good to be backed up by someone since a long time ago.

I hope the rest of the group meeting went well. It's entertaining to see everyone yelling at each other but the situation was under control. The meeting wasn't as messy as everyone thought it would be. I was surprised by the turn out. Looks like my effort to gather everyone didn't get unnoticed.

Looks like every member took this seriously. A lot of responsibility involved.

Now you see why in every parliament in the world those politicians need to yell and scream at each other. The beauty of democracy. 

Its hard. I know. People have different egos and everyone can only think of the best interest for themselves. 

I enjoyed the meeting. 

The Uber driver was pretty dope. He is positive and lovely. Talks a lot. Quite amusing. He loves China so much. I guess I ll ask him for a ride next time. He is Rashid.

And the final beautiful thing is, it seems my relationship with Yolandi is healing. Guess i learned to work with her. 

Its sad. i just learnt today, that she doesn't have any children and i think she is alone and she got stabbed by someone and didn't have the money to see a doctor. I have sympathy for her.

No one can justify life by linking their happiest moments into a rosary. In particular, I cannot.

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