Friday, July 21, 2017

6 Years 6 Months and 21 days into the Self Realization Journey---Chester's death

Fucking parasite.

I have no idea how I would express my condolences to Chester Bennington's death.

It all came very sudden.

It was unbelievable. Yes, truly unbelievable. "Unbelievable" is right now the only word I could use to do it. A month ago he was performing One More Light on stage and now he's dead.

If I was his close relative I would be absolutely devastated by disbelief.

Yes, disbelief. It is not like any other kind of death where... people have a reason to die, him, he has no reason to die. Just like my symptom, when it happens, its a disbelief.

I guess its a disbelief for all his fans around the world right now.

He died on 9am July 20, 2017. He hanged himself. Unbelievable. Just imagine that scene. It was a Thursday, it was yesterday, while I was practicing for my driver's license. I guess in less than 20 hours ago.

Growing with Linkin Park's song. It was all too sudden. Linkin Park is Linkin Park because of Chester's scream. Without it, I wonder how they would go from here.

I said "I am your guardian angel" to Melissa today.

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