Monday, May 15, 2017

May the 15th

Dylan jokes about me being the Confucius which makes me happy.

In fact, according to today's class, screen writing is the happiest class in AFDA.

Melissa, as a teacher, cracks up pretty awesome, cant help thinking about "TimBob".

She's cute.

"In what mental state were you writing about your script?"

That was a good joke.

I ve never had such a fun class since I got into AFDA, I think everyone else felt the same.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

About vertigo---6 Years 4 Months and 2 days into the Self Realization Journey

My three weeks of vertigo is finally over, i was able to go to classes today.

It was hell.

But the unexpected always happens. An intrusive penetration of "crime" occurs again.

Just before I say hello to my classmates around the corner for the new term.

Thus, this fear of intrusive thoughts along with possible return of vertigo overwhelms me.

I must enjoy the new term.

Come on man you are not gonna get vertigo just by thinking about it!