Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 - 6 years and 53 days into the Self-Realization Journey

I met a girl today, she is born in 1998, exactly 10 years after me. Her name is Laurent. If i remember correctly.

She has OCD as well. Just like me. Especially the intrusive thoughts thing.

Makes me feel safer. Than being around other people.

I feel so contradictory in my heart that. The only reason that I am scared to ask her to be my girlfriend is that she's too fat. If there is a better word.

She asks what music i enjoy listening. which makes me feel good.

Its Valentine's Day today, I forgot to say that to her. Well, anyway...

But Sundance seems to have taken notice of my greetings... well, that makes me feel good too...

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