Monday, September 26, 2016

I m so jealous of her.

I'm just so jealous of her.

She's making movies. Sundance. The girl I loved.

I can't believe I am jealous of someone I love. No, maybe I didnt love her.

I am so pathetic. I am jealous of almost everyone!

She's making videos for some companies. That means she's better than me. I don't even know what ISO means or how f-stop works. Making a movie of your dream?! You might just be well over your head!!!

Everyone says she is a good director a fantastic director!! "It was a pleasure to perform for you."

I can't believe that, she is out of VFS for only two years, and now she is directing professionally, well if she is merely acting, i would feel less jealous, but she is DIRECTING!

I can't believe I feel this way!!! I am so jealous!!! God I just hate myself so much!!! I am doing nothing in the holiday,,, I am sleeping all the time and I have no girlfriend!!! I am nowhere close to my magnificent dream. I m just a fucking dreamer and making no effort in working towards my dream!

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