Saturday, September 3, 2016

I had the best dream ever.

A teacher came to my home, I don't know, she looks like a college teacher but still with the marking system as that of a middle school. She showed me and my father the grades I had in the class and it turns out it was the 17th place. I was so happy, and it was the best level I ever had in a school system, but she said she was not completely satisfied with my grade.

Oh, one thing to mention is that previously in my dream, my father was dead, and he was in a coffin, but me and my friends saw him walking us by on a staircase in my childhood school, my primary school. We mentioned why his skin wasn't all dull and cremated just like the dead people. He wasn't like someone who has been dead at least 9 days at all. And he was all happy.

And later she told me that... and my father came to listen, she said she liked that advertisement that uses blue, green, gold color, the three best complementary color of.... I then kissed her, very quickly, and I told my father to go away. But he comes back right after I closed the door, however, I finished kissing her.

She then told me, very graciously, that I have a very beautiful human nature and never lose that. I was so touched and tears almost came out of my eyes.

But I told her that I always go for girls on their looks, she said that's fine.

She wears a blue cotton shirt with a black skirt, and her hair was black and typical of a 24 year old something, Chinese school teacher. Quite pure and innocent. Not that type of innocence but a different kind.

She is a very good person. Almost a resemblance of Amy Lou or Melissa.

My dizziness is eased down now.

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