Monday, August 15, 2016

God, she's a Goddess...

I don't know what but, God, she's a Goddess, Emma.

That's her name. She has a very cute face, but different kind of cuteness. Not what you think that type of cuteness. A cuteness that's very neutral. It doesn't make you sexually attracted to her. It's just an innocent... Princess Peach.

She's tall. She has a very good shape too. I would say, a perfect shape, I haven't seen this perfect body shape in years. Yolanda was the first girl that I thought had perfect body shape. Now for Emma, it's just so perfect.

She's smiling every day, all the time... I just wish I could be the one she shares sorrows with...

I wish I could ask her if she has a boyfriend (which I asked Wesley today instead) apparently, she's seeing someone, but not a boyfriend...  

I wanna get a blonde and white girlfriend, maybe I shouldn't focus so much on people's look?

Who cares, I just wanna know more about her!

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