Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 2055 into the Self Enlightenment Journey - A Reboot of the Original Blog

This is the new blog for my daily thoughts. Since I am unable to resurrect my original blog I created 5 years ago, I had to start a new one, because I feel like I needed to create a place where I can write down my thoughts freely, without restraining my self to any format.

It's been like this for quite sometime now: So many ideas and emotions started pouring in since two weeks ago. I believe this blog will be more interesting than the original one.

Yes, it is a continuation of the original blog, for anyone of you who are interested, you can still find it here:

Searching for the Sustainable Energy Source...

But for now this is the new title for the new blog:

In Request of the Starseeker Universe

Let's continue our journey.

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